Can you Make Use of Spray Foam to Stop Foundation and Basement Leakages?

Showers in the spring bring flowers – and in most instances, a basement turned to pool. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of countries or places that have seen increasing rates of rainfalls. The result leads to flooding, rivers and lakes hitting very high-water levels, and water pooling in your yard. All of the water is required to flow or drain somewhere else and it’s absorbed into the surface of the ground. But for most people, they’re seeing water leaking into their basement. 

There are a lot of professional and highly reputable spray foam insulation service providers for all of your insulation needs. Despite what you’ve been told, that is not how the closed cell spray foam must be utilized because it can result in a much larger issue. 

Can Spray Foam Insulation Repair Foundation Leaks and Basement Water Leaks? 

There are several people out there who use closed spray foam insulation to keep the water out from their home. In addition to that, closed cell spray foam insulation can also maintain the water out however, that is not a repair since it is not going to magically dissipate or disappear. It is water impermeable that makes it even good for several projects and there are a lot of reasons why you need to fix the problem as soon as you notice it. If you do not address the issues which lead to the leakages, you may need to add foam. The water will just begin pooling in some other places and now the foam’s hiding it. 

A wood rot is one of the issues you could encounter if the water is left to the pool unchecked. On the other hand, another issue is affecting the foundation that surrounds the grade. If the water is already pooling around the corners and edges of your home’s foundation, then your grade is crackling, settling and shifting the foundation because it’s no longer needed on solid ground. 

The water is approaching into the basement and foundation through cracks. Today, you can possibly use closed cell spray foam as it will seal those cracks. However, the water builds up as well as pool behind the foam and over time, find another route in. Therefore, in general, a spray foam insulation cannot repair foundation and basement water leaks. 

Repair of Foundation and Basement Leaks 

If you have leakages in your foundation or basement, the spray foam insulation is actually not the best solution to this. There are certain measures which need to be done and can vary significantly depending on the needs of your home. 

From total encapsulation to spray sealants, there are steps to repair this kind of issue. The best option for you is to call and hire a professional and experienced contractor who specializes in repairing water leakages for good so you are not left worrying of flood in your basement or foundation. Once the water leaks have been fixed, then you can proceed to the spray foam insulation project with the help of a professional Greenville insulation service. 

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